You can order from us by these availabilities:

+36 1 266 0584
+36 30 937 5003

Delivery conditions:

  • You can order only between 12 - 18 hours from Monday till Saturday only by phone. There is no delivery on Sunday.
  • You can find our prices here: Beverages
    Just an idea: You can find numbers at our food names. You can use them at order for faster call.
  • There is no delivery price, but we have minimum order price depending on the delivery address:
    • Budapest V district: 5 000 HUF is the minimum order price.
    • Budapest I, II, VI, VII, VIII, IX, XI, XII, XIII district: 10 000 HUF is the minimum order price.
    • Budapest other districts: 20 000 HUF is the minimum order price.

(Occasionally due to our responsibilities about sceduled events we are unable to complete the delivered orders.)


Take away:

You can order food by phone or personally in our Restaurant and take away your food till 22:30. There is no packing fee.


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